Saturday, 1 September 2012

Red Velvet

Hi everyone, 

It seems that my blog posts seem to go in phases, its either all about the baking, or I'm so busy sewing that I bake nothing at all! Now that the quilt is finished it seemed like a good time to get the recipe books out again. Im still working my way through the Hummingbird Bakery book and this time I tried the red velvet cupcakes. Once again the recipe was brilliant and the cakes turned out just as the book described, light but velvety. And they look very cute when they are decorated. Another bonus of this recipe is that you don't need to buy anything extra to decorate, you simply crumble one of the cupcakes into fine crumbs and sprinkle this on the iced cupcake for a simple but stunning finish! 

I am on holiday (YAY!!) for the next week and a half so I'm hoping to get lots of sewing done and I know the blog post have been few and far between recently so it will be nice to have a chance to catch up and share some of the other things I've been working on. Hope everyone has a good weekend. xx

P.s. When I took these cupcakes to work someone asked me "why are they red?"... "hmmmm, I have no idea"... and it's true, they are a chocolate based sponge, and since food colouring doesn't affect the taste, why bother??! But they look so cute, why not! Does anyone know who first thought up red velvet cupcakes?  ...



  1. Thanks for the pinterest spool ideas! mmm delicious bakes and liking your cake stand too X

  2. love your pictures - just wished they didn't make me feel that I could murder for one of those little red devils - lol

  3. Hello, here's one explanation of the red velvet cupcake
    Apparently a lady who tried a red velvet cake in a restaurant loved it so much she wrote to the chef and asked for the recipe. He sent her the recipe and a bill for $350 for giving it to her. She was so peeved after her lawyer said she had to pay it that she sent the recipe out as a chain letter to hack the chef off!
    There's also belief that one food colouring manufacturer developed the red colouring putting into cakes as a way of marketing what he thought was the redist red colouring on the market!
    Hope this helps....but I can't verify it sorry.

  4. wow, I hadnt heard either of those stories before, interesting! haha, you would be so cross if you were the lady who got sen the bill though wouldn't you!! and the red food colouring would make sense too as you really do need the reddest of red colouring for this cake... otherwise it ends up looking like a pink fairy cake!! thanks for your reply! xx