Friday, 24 August 2012


I come bearing good news... The quilt is finished! done, complete, finito! I absolutely loved hand sewing the binding, which I thought I was going to hate, so that was a nice surprise! I actually found it really therapeutic, and it was nice to do some slow sewing rather than my usual whizz it through the machine approach! Putting it on the bed was a great feeling!! I can still see the little wobbles in the lines and where I've had to tweak the quilting because the squares were all very slightly different sizes. I know this is because I cut them out with scissors, but now that I have my trusty rotary cutter this shouldn't happen in the future. Thats right, I said it... The future... I thought when I finished this quilt I would never want to quilt again, but I cant wait to start a new one. I'v got lots of ideas and don't really know where to start, definitely a more complicated patchwork pattern next time now that I have had a practice with the basics!  but for now here are some photos of the finished quilt... 

Have a good weekend! xxx

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  1. Gorgeous quilt, well done, so much work goes into them but the end result is worth it!