All about Amy...

My name is Amy. I am a Midwife by day (and often by night too!) and I absolutely love my job.  In my spare time I like to indulge in my secret love affair with my sewing machine... I think my boyfriend thinks he has lost me in my sewing corner sometimes! I have always enjoyed all things homemade and crafty but I have recently started a craft blog so that I can write about the things I have recently made, sewn, baked and include a few tutorials. As the name suggests sometimes I just blog about things I love, like a magpie I seem to be attracted to all things sparkly, shiny or soft... anything with ribbon, buttons etc. My aim is to upcycle, recycle and reuse as much as I can; almost all of the supplies I use are old scraps I have lying around the house, recycled clothes, old fabric rescued for pennies in charity shops. I also use clippings from free magazines such as the monthly Cath Kidston magazine or old vintage postcards. I try to make all of my projects both as economical and environmentally friendly as I can whist still being beautiful. I would love some feedback on my blog so that I an make improvements to my creations and if the feedback is positive and people are interested I would love to start selling my creations on a small scale. Please take a look at my blog and let me know what you think, happy browsing xx

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  1. Lovely photos - your creations are great, good luck to you if you decide to start selling things. They should be very popular!
    Kate x