Tuesday, 18 September 2012

iPad and Christmas cards!

Hi everyone,
This blog post comes to you from by brand new, shiny, lovely iPad! I'm not usually one to fall for expensive gadgets; although I do love apple products, I'm not one for upgrading every time something new comes out (my iPod is 8 years old and still going strong, and my MacBook is 6 years old... But slowing dying!). My MacBook charger gave up this week (the wires have been visible for months) so instead of replacing the charger at a cost of £30ish... I spent £479 on an iPad! Lol. Actually, that wasn't the only reason, I have been considering getting an iPad for when we go travelling anyway, although I was worried it would be a tad big to cart around... But now I have it I love it!! Expect lots more posts, and more photo collages etc! Exciting.

Anyway, enough of that. Today I have been working on some Christmas cards. I'm trying to be organised this year. I stuck to my usual style of machine sewn cards on a background of  white linen and mounted on my favourite "natural" card. The fabric used are all scraps left over from other projects.. You might recognise some of the fabric from my last post. Even tiny tiny bits don't get wasted, see the teeny tiny bunting? No two cards are the same and I like to make each one individual with buttons and lace.

I hope the layout looks ok, I'm uploading the pics using an app so it's difficult to see how it will turn out!

I think I have tried out a good range of Christmas tree designs so I will be experimenting with other designs in the week. We are going on a bike ride tomorrow and collecting blackberries... I do love autumn! Will be time to get the woollies and knitted jumpers out soon :) xxx

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  1. Pretty cards :) You are so organised! I'm going to try and knit a stocking for hubby's Christmas present in the next week or two but I suspect I'll still be working on it on Christmas eve as I get distracted by other things..! Enjoy your bike ride, we got blackberries last week and I'm making liqueur with them, mmm. Hx