Sunday, 9 September 2012

Garden Parties

We went home to Devon this weekend for my mum's garden party. After a very wet summer the sun thankfully decided to come out for the party and we had glorious sunshine all weekend. Everyone had a very busy day on friday preparing for the party; putting up and decorating the marquee, making curry and buffet food for 50 people and getting the garden ready. The party was lovely and everyone had a great time, possibly too good a time based on how I felt the following day!! Unfortunately there aren't many photos from the party as I had forgotten to charge my camera battery. Oops! I did manage a couple of quick snaps before it died though. I hope the people in the photo don't mind being on the blog but it was the only photo I got of the marquee...

The following morning we had breakfast in the garden for the people who had stayed over. The sun was shining and the garden table looked beautiful with all the flowers the guests had brought the night before. I love this garden table, with its reclaimed look and lovely blue picnic benches. And I love love love the wicker basket... and even the big fruit bowl looks pretty with its different colours.

The adults couldn't resist a bounce on the bouncy castle before it went back the next morning! Although we all quickly realised that bouncing with a hangover is not the greatest feeling, especially after I had shown off with a few somersaults! haha.

And finally, although it's completely unrelated, I couldn't resist showing you these photos! One of our friends is hand rearing four, 12 day old kittens, and because they need round the clock care and feeding she had to bring them along to the party, where they ended up being the main attraction!! How cute is this little kitty having its breakfast!!

I hope everyone else had a good weekend and managed to enjoy the sunshine! hopefully some more sewing posts coming this week before I go back to work. xxx

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