Sunday, 15 April 2012

Bristol Flea Market; my beautiful purchases.

I have had such a lovely sunday. The bristol Flea Market was held today, with more than 100 stalls selling a range of vintage and handmade goodies, from furniture to clothes and teacups to bunting. I was in my element and spent about 2 + 1/2 hours rummaging through the rails and in boxes of lovely old items. It was only a £2 entry fee and many of the sellers were willing to take offers so there were lots of deals to be done and bargains to be had. The first beautiful stall I stumbled across was a table full of beautiful tea cups and saucers and mix matched vintage china. I got two cups and saucers for £6, and one of them was beautifully hand painted so I know it is one of a kind! I have far too many mix and match pieces of china so I think my next plan is to make them into candles... but for now they look lovely as a centre piece to my table. 

Another of my favourite stalls was a vintage clothing stall. I spent about an hour rummaging through the rails. There were beautiful 60's dresses, wacky 70's blouses and hundreds of thick, fluffy jumpers. I fell in love with a knitted jumper with bunnies on it! it was amazing but didn't quite fit right, and I couldn't justify spending £20 on something I wont wear. I did however find a beautiful fluffy oversized cardigan with big buttons! i love it, and it was a steal at £10... much much cheaper than a similar one I tried on recently! 

Finally I bought a necklace with an intricate silver flower design, with a blue windmill centre. I don't think that describes it very well but have a look at the photo, it is beautiful and only cost £5. I bought the vintage flower fabric under the teacups for £1, another lovely bargain!

The Markets are held in monthly and the destination alternates each month between bristol and bath. All details are on the following website.


  1. Sounds like a fab day out - wish I'd had time to trot along! Thanks for the link, too, I'm off to check it out now. I'm in Chipping Sodbury, by the way.

  2. I love having rummaging too. You have really lovely colourful photos on your blog.

    ps I have finished my bag!

  3. Wow! That looks wonderful. The china is so beautiful :)