Wednesday, 2 May 2012

carrot cake cupcakes for dinner!!

I decided to branch out into the beautiful edible art of making cupcakes, so I went along to the shop and spent more money than I intended to on a good deep cupcake tray and some very cute cupcake cases among other probably unnecessary cute cupcake items! And this was my first attempt at the cupcakes... I think I got a little over excited while I was filling the cases and didn't follow the golden rule of only filling the cases 2/3rds of the way up... result = minor cupcake overflow emergency!! Therefore when I took a naughty but very excited little peak at my cuppycakes after 15 mins in the oven I was greeted by the sight of one massive tray of spilled cupcake mixture! Thankfully with a little bit of trimming after the cupcakes were cooked (which also meant I could eat all the trimmings!!) the cupcakes once again resembled cake shapes rather than a blobby mess! This was also my first attempt at using an icing bag to pipe icing, and it wasn't too bad, will definitely take a bit of practice to perfect. I think it helped putting the cream cheese icing in the fridge to set first because this made it much easier to work with! Even with their messy shape and splodgy icing I love the cupcakes and they are very yummy! so yummy that I cupcakes for dinner tonight!! xxx

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