Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Teddy bear's picnic.

It's my birthday this week and due to poor (or brilliant) organisation, all of my friends and family have been in different places at different times... so today I had celebration number 3 out of 5!! At the weekend I had a lovely meal with my dad, and then the following night a great night out with friends from home in one of my favourite local pubs! Sadly (or gladly as I had had a few drinkies) there are no photos from the weekend. I made sure to get a few snaps of todays celebration. Today I was seeing my mum, brother and three year old niece; so in fitting with the company (and due to the unpredictable weather: sunshine and hail!!) we had an indoors teddy bears picnic! I baked Cupcakes and my brother and niece made cookies... add in another ton of party food, a picnic blanket on the floor and a few well loved teddies we had ourselves a picnic! 

I got a whole massive, amazing bag full of Cath Kidston presents from my mum today! Including the new apron I am sporting in the picture below... I am very clumsy so I always end up covered in various ingredients by the end of a baking session! Please forgive my hair, I got caught in the previously mentioned hail storm! Also note my new, beautiful cake stand in the cupcake pictures... a good excuse to bake more cupcakes! 

I made two batches of cupcakes this morning. The first was a banana cupcake with custard butter icing with a dried banana chip to top it off. And the second was a vanilla cupcake with pink strawberry butter icing, and a fresh strawberry to decorate. I will go into more detail about the recipes another time... The custard butter icing was a bit of a "make it up as you go" recipe as I couldn't find one anywhere. It took quite a lot of trial and error but Im glad I stuck at it because nothing goes together as well as bananas and custard! 

Thank you to all my lovely family and friends for your company and beautiful gifts over the last few days... special mention to Sarah's card that winged its way from Australia to wish me happy birthday! xxx


  1. Custard butter icing sounds dreamy! Will definitely have a go at that if you share the recipe :) Hx

  2. Banana & custard cupcakes sound really yummy. I wish my cupcakes turned out as beautiful as yours look.

  3. Custard icing sounds so yummy!! I am now totally craving some bananas & custard mmmmmm!

  4. Your cakes look amazing! I'm definately trying this out at some point - I bought myself some new cake trays and muffin cases yesterday so I have no excuse! Hope you had a nice birthday :)


  5. These look yummy! I love cake...