Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Yarn bombing is coming to a town near you...

Yarn bombing, guerilla knitting, graffiti knitting...

Ever heard of these terms? I have to admit I hadn't until I started seeing knitting cropping up in random areas around bristol! I was in St Andrews park recently, enjoying an afternoon in the sunshine, when I saw a tree covered in colourful knitting, like a tree wooly jumper! This was the second time I had spotted what looked like graffiti knitting in bristol. The first time I thought it was cute and quirky but a one off. But after seeing the tree I had a look online and it seems to be a huge new craze; already popular in london and other big cities. The internet research I did suggests it started as early as 2004 in Europe and became popular in America around 2009 and has slowly been spreading ever since! There is even an international Yarn Bombing day, june 11th! The knitting often crops up over night, much like a knitted Banksy, surprising locals who wake up to a colourful new knitted object! I LOVE the idea of a city covered in knitting!! What a great way to cheer people up, it definitely made me smile! 

So keep your eyes peeled for yarn bombing near you!

I certainly will, and note to self... must keep my camera on me at all times... only had my rubbish camera phone in the park so I appologise for the rubbish photos! Enjoy the sunshine everyone xxx

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