Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Hello, So my new years resolution was to get crafty, and I started early, in the spirit of all things handmade I took a leaf out of kirsty's book and made my christmas presents... I will put some photos up soon. However I think I over did it a bit before christmas and I never wanted to see material or thread ever again... and combine this with the fact that I broke my last machine needle I haven't done much since xmas. However I have jumped back on the "craftwagon" today and spent my day off today making a patchwork cushion. The first photo is the patchwork pre cushion. Part of my resolution was to rescue and recycle old material, so most of the material you see has been rescued from charity shops, making this a very cheap and ethical little cushion. The Cath Kidston material you see are actually free off-cuts that you can request in the shops as tester samples, so although not quite as ethical, still economical, and also so cute that I couldn't resist! the other pictures are the finished cushion sat on the chair in the corner of our room, it is 50cm x 50cm so quite a good size cushion to be used on its own as a centre piece, or to snuggle up to on a sofa. This cushion took about 3 hours to make, so easily achievable in a day off. 

Because this blog is new I will soon start to post the backlog of projects I have already finished. xxx

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  1. Thats gorgeous Amy. I used to do lots of crafty things pre-kids -knitting,sewing,embroidery and stuff, even made their christening gown from my wedding dress train. Not done so much for years but just starting to get the old machine out again! Love,love,loved Kirstie's Xmas stuff. Good on you, keep up the good work and enjoy those days off in a productive way!! Helen L xx