Wednesday, 27 March 2013


After spending a few days in Ubud, mike and I caught a shuttle bus/boat to Lombok and then another bus to Kuta in the south... Very different to Kuta in Bali! This Kuta was a tiny, quiet beach town where most of the tourists were surfers. We stayed in lovely guesthouse run by a very sweet girl who called me sister and mike was "brother Max" (she couldn't master 'mike' so she stuck with calling him max!).

On the first evening we went for a walk on the beach and at the far end were mangrove trees growing straight out of the water at the sea edge. As we watched a family of monkeys ran out of the forest and sat in the mangrove trees grooming each other.

The following day we hired a scooter and went to Gerupuk, a village along the coast so that Mike could surf. The breaks here are off shore so we got in a boat and drove out to the inside break. The scenery here was absolutely stunning, green hills and blue sea. Mike surfed and I read my book on the boat surrounded by the scenery.

Unfortunately on the second day Mike was surfing when someone fell off their board and put their elbow through the rail of his brand new board, resulting in an unhappy Mike and the board being in the shop being fixed for a couple of days. To add to this I was unwell for a few days, so we had a quiet relaxing couple of days. We went to a lovely cafe/restaurant called Astari, right on top of the hill with views overlooking the whole bay. It did amazing cakes and healthy, fresh food.

We also spent some time driving around on the scooter, on the very bumpy potholed roads, and seeing the scenery. I love the scooter now and it's a great way to see country.

After a couple of days the board was fixed and I was feeling better so after one last quick surf it was time to move on to the Gili Isles.
With love from Amy and Mike xx

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