Monday, 18 February 2013

Bali: Kuta, Bingin and Uluwatu.

We arrived in Bali on the 3rd of February and met up with Sean and Joel in Kuta. The guesthouse we were staying in had a lovely garden and swimming pool and felt quite secluded, considering outside the walls of the hotel was crazy Kuta! It seems to be where the Aussies come for a party holiday, with restaurants, pubs and clubs lining every street. We went out on the first night and it was good fun, and definitely different from our month in Sri Lanka!

We visited canggu beach, where I had intended to rent a board but unfortunately the police stopped us and took all of our money as a fine! The police are quite corrupt here and most westeners on bikes get stopped frequently and regardless of any wrongdoing there is usually something they can find to fine you for! So no money to rent a surfboard, but the boys managed to get in for a surf while I went to look around a temple at the beach. We also visited Uluwatu on the southern peninsula where the surf has been good most days. The reef is shallow here and the currents are strong... not Amy surfing conditions!! But Sean, Joel and Mike have had some good surfs. The coastline here is rugged and to get to the beach you follow the steps down through the warungs and finally down through a cave to get to the beach. At low tide you can climb through the cave to a beautiful little beach cove.

A few days in Kuta of shopping, surfing and lots of good food were fun but long enough... and it was quite a long drive to the other surfing beaches so after Joel had gone home the three of us moved down the coast to Binging. There is a long beach here, with several good breaks, impossibles, bingin and dreamlands, which is a bit more mellow and I managed to get in for a few good surfs here. We are staying in a little bamboo, thatch roofed warung at the bottom of the cliff, right on the beach. We have our own wooden balcony between us that hangs right out over the beach just a few meters from the sea. The beach is beautiful and the water is crystal clear, especially as the tide is getting lower and the reef is visible through the water.

The view from the balcony...

Our warung on the beach...

We stayed at Bingin for 6 days, chilling out, surfing and eating lots of pancakes! Best pancakes so far on the banana pancake trail... We will keep sampling them all though, just in case there is a better one out there!! Haha. We are moving onto Ubud next to do a little bit of sight seeing and to sample a bit of Balinese culture.

Love Amy and mike xx


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  1. Will look out for you ubud leg as somewhere I have always wanted to go