Friday, 4 January 2013

Temporarily becoming a travel blog...

Greetings and happy new year from Sri Lanka! I think I mentioned a few months ago that we were going travelling... Well here we are! I haven't posted much on the blog recently because we have been so busy with Christmas, moving house, finishing work etc. I had planned to start a new blog for the travelling posts because I'm aware that most of the people who read this (if anyone reads this!) are here for the crafts... But time ran away with me and I didn't get around to it. So for ease, and so that our families can keep up with what we are up to I'm going to continue posting here and I hope a few of you enjoy reading what we are up to.

We arrived in colombo early this morning after two long plane journeys. After a further hour in a taxi to the train station and a three hour train journey on a very slow (but cheap and comfortable) train we arrived in our first destination, Hikkaduwa. The hostel is on a very long, busy road that runs parallel to an equally long, but quieter beach. This town is fairly touristy as it is the base for surfers. Unfortunately the surf is fairly small at the moment so at the plan is just to stay for a day or two and then head down the coast. We went straight to bed when we got here at 9am local time (4am British time) as we had been up and travelling for 24 hours. We did go out for a long stroll along the beach this evening though and had a very nice dinner on the beach.

Hopefully up early for a morning surf if our body clocks are up to it and then plan the next stage of the journey. Xx

Location:Sri Lanka

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