Sunday, 10 June 2012

Custard and Cinnamon Tart

I seem to be on a bit of a baking mission at the moment, and I know I have blogged a lot of cake posts recently... so for those of you who pop over from folksy, I promise I will get back to the sewing machine soon! But for now I am loving the baking bonanza. For my birthday recently my sister gave me the hummingbird bakery book and it is AMAZING! All of the recipes I have tried so far have turned out brilliantly. The photographs in the book are beautiful and really well staged with pretty china, flowers and ribbons; very inspiring! I think I need to work on making the photographs on my blog a little more staged and 'arty', but it is difficult to find a clear, white surface in our tiny flat!

My most recent 'bake' was this custard and cinnamon tart from the hummingbird bakery "Cake Days". I won't include the recipe because I'm sure it will break copyright but I have taken some photos, although they are not as arty as I would like! I have made pastry before but not for a long time so this was a nice refresher. The process of making your own pastry is a little lengthy (mostly because it needs to rest in the fridge several times during the process) but well worth it. And as always custard is SO much better when made from scratch, but again is a little time consuming!! See what you think of the pictures but I think the wait was well worth it!

Right, I'm off to the sewing machine now! promise!! xx


  1. Your pictures are very nice!
    I have been wondering what custard pie looked like. I watch a BBC show called "As Time Goes By" and the main character on there is always eating custard tarts! LOL So I'm sure this is similar. My DH and I were going to be trying to find some and try them. I don't really bake, so I hadn't thought of baking my own~! Did it taste good? ♥♥♥

  2. Thnaks Cathy, I hadn't made one before. My boyfriend loves custard tarts, the little ones that you get in bakeries but I think they taste a bit different to this. This recipe was in the lovely hummingbird bakery book and was very tasty, definitely worth a make. Although, its quite a lot of tart to get through between two people, and quite a lot of work so I might stick to cupcakes and send him to the bakery next time he gets a custard craving!! :) xxx

  3. Ooh I'd love to get a copy of the Hummingbird Bakery cookbook. I've got the Primrose Bakery one and it's gorgeous but I seem to have exhausted all the recipes.. I love to have pretty cookbooks lined up on my kitchen shelf :) Hx

  4. the book is brilliant, every recipe i"ve tried so far has turned out beautifully! They seem to have a different way of baking cakes to other recipes I have used in the past, most of the cake recipes call for mixing the dry ingredients and butter into breadcrumbs and then adding the wet ingredients... seems to make the cakes much lighter and fluffier! I must get the primrose book next! xx