Tuesday, 27 March 2012

decorating the new house...

So this is my Mum and Neils's new house,

They have just moved in but I viewed the house a while ago so I made their christmas presents with the house in mind. The kitchen is very country cottage, complete with four door aga and beautiful green country doored cupboards... perfect for draping bunting over and adorning with hanging hearts...

I found the fabric for these hearts in a local charity shop and I absolutely love it! the red and white fabric is a beautifully soft vintage linen, where as the cream is a thick, delicately patterned silk. I felt that the red and white hearts were the statement of the piece so I used just one large cream button to decorate those hearts, whereas the cream hearts are embellished with ribbon, buttons and lace to add detail and texture. I prefer these to the cream/black and floral hearts I made for myself (http://amz-afewofmyfavouritethings.blogspot.co.uk/2012/02/hearts-buttons-ribbons-and-lace-galore.html) but I only got a twinge of jealousy as I hung them up because they look much more at home in a country kitchen than they could in my flat!!

This bunting is strung with twine to give it a more rustic feel. The flags are alternate white and red stripes and strawberries on a white background. They look at home with the cake stand/tins and tea cups! Can you spot the homemade cards from the previous post in the background? xxx

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